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Welcome to frequentillnesses.com that should be called stayinghealthy.com!

We have less elder care now than we did.
So it is time to resurrect and support this multilingual multipage site that always had numerous international visitors since 2003.

Why of This Webpage:

To help heal all people around the world where they are, whether rich or poor, near or far by giving information to Christians, other believers, agnostics and atheists.     

Method In a nutshell:

Since the Bible has been translated into many languages, it can be used in a Rosetta Stone type decipherment to undo the Babel syndrome to communicate with others in the world by finding words, phrases or whole sentences for use today by comparisons and looking these up at specific book, chapter, verse and sub-verse locations.  

Here we are given information that helps us name sickness and health words.  

How it started:

It started when I found  "God is Love" practically 2 or 3 times on one or 2 pages in each language Bible.  Namely, in 1 John 4:8 and a few verses later in verse 16.  The third occurance is when a Bible editor chooses to add a chapter heading of this phrase to a particular edition.  In verse 8, "God is love" is in a long verse, but it is a stand alone phrase followed by some sort of punctuation and spaces before and after.  In verse 16, the verse starts and then there may be some punctuation with a word like "because" with the desired phrase.    

The sickness to health problem:

Soon, the older information will again be available, but not in the same order and not with old internet subaddresses.  And there will be new information.

Starting in 2003, when SARS loomed as a health problem for the entire world, I wondered how the Bible could be relevant for health and what lessons the Bible would have.  Obviously there was no verse with SARS in it. 

Part of the solution:

Part of the solution worldwide is to be like Adam.  He named the animals so people could talk about them. 
We should be naming sickness and health words
in as many languages as possible.  Then communication can be precise and a named disease can be on the international radar as soon as possible--to warn everyone even in the remotest corners of the world quickly.  Let's not forget that healing strategies can come from anywhere in the world.  

Topics of sickness to health words:

I found many words and phrases in Bibles:
naming symptoms, anatomy pathways, ways of treating, restrictions, the science discoveries involved, etc.

Example of a sickness to health word--"fever".

This was the first symptom word I found in Bibles. 
"Fever" or variants of it occur 4 times in the Old and 8 times in New Testaments.

Luke 4: 38 and 39 should be enough to find a good word candidate.  The word should be once each in each verse (unless a pronoun replaces the word).
Simon's mother-in-law had a "high" fever.  Jesus rebuked and  the "fever" or it left her. She got up and went about her business.

Overcoming Obstacles:
Obstacles to naming with any method exist--but--there are many strategies of faith AND science.

I believe that the Holy Spirit can guide us and give us the words needed.
Let's ask for words and wisdom.

The promise of Luke 21:15 should apply generally:
For I (The Teacher Jesus Christ) will give you words and wisdom that none (of your adversaries) will be able to resist or contradict(none of your friends either)

Come visit again soon.  We can learn and if you pray, we can pray together.

GG Koch 

Author of "Health Words in the Word"